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  2. Get advice from the investment coach
  3. Invest in a suitable portfolio of ETFs and single stocks

Financial returns with a conscience

  • Impact investments give you financial returns just like any other traditional financial product

  • Even with small investment amounts, you can make a difference for your financial future and what matters to you - start with as little as 20 euros
  • The app-based investment coach helps you to select the most suitable products, without any additional charge

Full transparency & independency

  • Clear information about the companies you can invest in

  • Costs: You pay an annual fee of 1% on your assets and external ETF costs (0.2% - 0.6%)
  • Manta is 100% independent, ensuring no conflict of interest

Three-tiered selection process

1. Sustainability Assessment

The universe of over 20,000 financial products is assessed quantitatively based on strict environmental, social & governance criteria (also known as “ESG” criteria). The products are also screened to ensure industries such as oil companies or weapon manufacturers are excluded. Last but not least, the companies are analyzed qualitatively to explore current events you should be aware of (i.e. if there were some corruption allegations for a certain company).

2. Financial Analysis

The sustainable investment products are analyzed in detail based on financial performance potential. Past performance, product costs and potential risks (i.e. considering the current market) are all considered. Only products with a positive financial evaluation are included on the Manta platform.

3. Your Personal Profile

Taking the products on the Manta platform as a basis, you can provide some simple information about what products you value, what you want to avoid, and your risk preference. Then the Manta algorithm recommends a customised portfolio of sustainable financial products, based on your preferences and values. Now you can make your money work for you and make a positive impact at the same time!


Partner bank

The deposit accounts are held at a German partner bank. In case of bankruptcy of either Manta or the partner bank, your financial assets will be protected by German law.

Deposit guarantee

The cash on the deposit accounts are secured with a deposit guarantee of EUR 100,000 by German law.

Access anytime

You can access, buy, or sell your investments at any time.

The Manta team

Lukas Wohlgemuth

Business & Strategy
Lukas has multiple years of experience in the financial technology sector. He graduated from University of St.Gallen with a Master's degree.

Dr. Anil Gürtürk

Investments & Finance
Anil holds a PhD from the University of Kassel in Sustainable Investing. This field has also been the main focus of his professional career.

Angel Rodríguez Junquera

Technology & Product
Angel has longstanding years of expertise in the development of banking apps. He also holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca.

Amanda Weilenmann

Marketing & Community
Amanda is experienced in building up communities in the sustainability sector. She holds an MBA degree from St. Edward's University.

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